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April 25, 2016 - Clippers head coach, DOC RIVERS coaches on the sidelines. The Portland Trail Blazers hosted the Los Angeles Clippers at the Moda Center on April 25, 2016. (Photo by David Blair/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire)

Nardone: There may be a gap in Doc Rivers’ short-term memory

David Blair/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire

Doc Rivers must be having a really bad week. One of his former prized-players, Kevin Garnett, is retiring from the sport. He will probably hire a smaller European person to do be his assistant. That way he can continue to yell at people as he has during his entire NBA carer — you know, while not worrying about facing any actual consequences.

Another one, Paul Pierce, announced he is only going to play one more year. A move that likely puts tears in the eyes of Rivers, as he and The Truth have a great bond that is beyond the confines of the hardwood.

Plus, you know, he is the head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers.

OK. I kid about the last part.

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah.

Rivers is a mostly beloved figure in the NBA. Considered as good a person as he is a coach, it can be argued that his front-office decisions are iffy at best. After all, he put himself in a position where it wasn’t even actual nepotism being played, but awful roster moves once forced him to play his son Austin Rivers during meaningful minutes in a few playoff series.

That alone should make us rethink his brilliance a little bit (I kid).

Maybe it was that, or years working at his craft and attempting to perfect it, but it appears Doc has officially fallen off his rocker — as he claims there is no real gap between the team he coaches and the Golden State Warriors.

“I think we can play with anybody, and we don’t feel like there’s a gap,” Rivers said of the Warriors. “That’s all we have to prove, and I think everyone has to prove that.

Understandably, it is not as if Rivers could have come out and declared that his team has no chance of defeating Golden State. Coaches, like players, are competitive people, so not only might he actually believe some of what he said, there’s a zero percent chance he would ever admit that another team is leaps and bounds better than his own.

Doc wasn’t done letting us know how he knows there’s no gap:

“I know history very well in this league, and there’s been a lot of superteams put together, quote-unquote, superteams, and I know the history. I feel comfortable where we’re at.”

That above quote makes a little bit of sense. It is also pretty awesome that Rivers knows the history of the league. And there is some merit to what he is saying, as not all superteams win the NBA Finals every single time they are put together. Then again, I’m not entirely sure there has been a team put together in even a remotely close way as the Warriors have.

It is obviously worth noting that the Clippers lost in the first-round of last season’s NBA Playoffs. Why is that such an important thing to bring up? Well…

“I mean, really, we like our team,” Rivers said. “I can’t go into their team, Oklahoma’s team. That’s not for me. I like our team.”

In a vacuum that isn’t that horrible, but the soon-to-be-retired — and mostly washed — Paul Pierce felt the need, for some ungodly reason, to chime in with his own thoughts on this entire ordeal.

“I think we have a superteam here,” said Pierce. “I mean, you look at Chris Paul, who’s been a first-team All-NBA, Blake Griffin, first-team, DeAndre Jordan, currently First-Team All-NBA. How many teams can currently say that? You’ve got the best three-point shooter in the NBA [JJ Redick]. You’ve got the Sixth Man of the Year [Jamal Crawford]. Why this is not a superteam? What defines superteam?”

It is never a great look when someone who is barely going to play declares the franchise that pays him a superteam. This conjures up memories of Vince Young in Philadelphia–and that worked out so swimmingly, right?

Superteams generally do not lose in the first-round of the playoffs. Also, save for Chris Paul — and, maybe, even at times Griffin — the rest of those guys are barely a blip on the Golden State radar. Without trying to be a jerk about it, which I believe I already have been, Steph Curry is currently better than Paul; Klay Thompson is better than Redick, Durant is better than whoever the Clippers consider its best three; and Draymond Green is very literally helping to evolve the sport.

Plus, I mean, Ian Clark is a basketball god.

I bring all of that up because Doc Rivers thinks there is no gap. Or, at least, that is what he is saying in a public forum. But if there’s no gap between the Clippers and the Warriors, then there’s little reason to think we — as average, if not below average, looking people — can’t go on dates with all sorts of supermodels on the regular.

Maybe the word ‘gap’ has been redefined in the dictionary. Let’s check.

  1. A break or hole in an object or between two objects.
  2. An unfilled space or interval; a break in continuity.

OK. So, uh, Doc has lost his mind. That, or he is lying right to our faces by way of digital means. Either way, why bother poking a giant like the Warriors all while bringing extra, and totally unneeded, pressure to the team you coach?

Nardone: There may be a gap in Doc Rivers’ short-term memory

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