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Juan Salas/Icon Sportswire

Donald Trump’s most overrated and underrated player ever

Juan Salas/Icon Sportswire

Editors Note: After LeBron James had endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, our office was shocked to receive a call from Donald Trump asking if he could write about his most overrated and underrated players of all time. He assured us this had nothing to do with the endorsement. 

In spite of my busy schedule–some people say it’s the busiest ever–I have agreed to write this article for Today’s Fastbreak, detailing who the most overrated and underrated players of all time are. And really, this is an easy thing for me to do because I have a great mind, and my great mind can understand greatness better than anyone ever because it takes greatness to understand greatness and my mind is the greatest mind ever. Therefore I am more qualified than anyone ever to write about greatness.

The most overrated player of all-time is without a doubt, LeBron James. Most people will agree with me unless they’re stupid losers like Stephen A. Smith. But I have always been right about this. And if you don’t believe me, just call Skip Bayless. Becuase I had several conversations with Skip Bayless before LeBron was drafted that he would be a really, really overrated player, and I have been proven right. Just ask anyone.

He has lost four NBA Finals. You know how many other players have lost four NBA finals since he was in the NBA? None. No one has lost as many Finals since LeBron came into the league, which makes him the biggest loser of his generation. He’s such a loser because he loses. And he’s a very, very big loser. When he lost in the Finals in 2015, he missed 138 shots. That’s a lot of shots. Some people say it was 200. I think it might have been even more, but the liberal media won’t’ tell you the real story. It could have been a thousand. Becuase LeBron is a loser and losers miss shots and lose games.

You know who is not a loser? The most underrated player of all time. And do you know who that is? Donald Trump. Donald Trump never missed a shot in an NBA game, and he never lost a championship like that loser LeBron James did. Becuase Donald Trump is a winner, and winners win.

People don’t know this about me, but I was a great, great player in my youth. The real reason I’m orange is that I spent so much time playing that it permanently changed my skin tone to the color of the ball.

In fact, I can still dunk a basketball. People think I have tiny hands, but would I be able to dunk a basketball if I had small hands. My hands are yuge  huge (sorry, text to speech got me there) and that’s what makes me such a great dunker. In fact, my hands are bigger than Kawhi Leonard’s and everyone who has seen my hands will tell you that, even that liberal Greg Popovich who needs to stick to basketball.

And he’s not good at that either, I tell you. He’s a horrible coach. Just horrible.  I would be a much better coach than that loser.

My hands would be the biggest of any President in history. They’re much bigger than crooked Hillary’s. If you don’t believe me, just call Skip Bayless.

I could probably even win the Slam Dunk contest if I entered it. At least that’s what people tell me all the time. I’m a much better player than that loser Obama who thinks he has a great jump shot, but I could block his shot just like Congress blocked his veto.

I could also beat loser-LeBron in a game of one one one. I have more hair than he does. And it’s my real hair, too. Becuase I’m not a loser. And you know what losers do? They lose their hair. That’s how big of a loser LeBron is. He even loses his hair.

So that’s the most overrated and underrated of all-time, and this has nothing about loser-Lebron endorsing crooked-Hillary.  And if Hillary wants to set aside the remaining debates and play one-on-one, I’ll prove that I’m not only a better debater than her, I’m also a better basketball player.

Cause she’s a loser like LeBron, and I’m a winner.

Donald Trump’s most overrated and underrated player ever

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