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Who’s Killing Your Team?

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Ever wonder which players do the best job of devastating your team? Or, do you ever wonder which players on your team shine against the opponent you face next? I got your answers right here.

Here’s a different kind of chart. Rather than showing what players do for a team, it shows what players do against each team. The entire handy-dandy chart is here, and it’s fully interactive. But here are some indications of what you can do with it.

First, here are the scoring and true shooting splits of every player against every team, with a minimum of 10 True Shooting Attempts per game:

Killer Scorers (2)

What you’ll notice there on the top right, which represents the players who score the most and efficiently, is a whole lot of Stephen Curry, who’s proving to be the bane of many a team’s existence this year.

Of course, that’s a lot of clutter to get through, so there’re a couple of ways you can filter the data. One thing you can do is type a player’s name into box and hit enter. Then you’ll get something like this:

Killer Scorers (3)

So, that shows you how Curry has done against each team he’s faced. The Detroit Pistons and Sacramento Kings have defended him the “best” if “best” means over 20 points with an above-average true shooting percentage. Hovering over the icon in the interactive chart will also show you the true shooting percentage and points per game the player has against each team.

But if you just want to see who’s shredding your favorite team, click on the team and select “keep only.” So, for example, here’s how players have fared against the Cleveland Cavaliers:

Killer Scorers (4)

So there we know that Jon Wall (35.0 points, 66.8 TS%) and Paul George (32 points, 65.3 TS%) have fared well against the Cavaliers. We also know that Al Horford (10 points, 40.2 TS%) has not.

But what if you want to know about more than just scoring? The next chart shows total stats (scoring + rebounds + assists + steals + rebounds) as well as true shooting percentage so you can get an idea of how efficient the player was posting his numbers.

Click on the Total Stats Against Team tab, and get this:

Total Stats Against Team

Select any team to show what opponents have done against them. This is Chicago. Kevin Durant has been outstanding against the Bulls. So have Anthony Davis and Paul George. And “surprise!”, so has LeBron James.

But what about what if you want to see how your favorite players are doing against different teams? Choose the Total Stats by Team and see this:

Total Stats By Team

Pau Gasol had 52 total stats against the Denver Nuggets, but “only” boasted 60.0 percent true shooting. Jimmy Butler had 36 total stats against the Nets, but his true shooting percentage was 100. So which is better? You decide.

Alright, say you want to know who your favorite player does the best against. You can click on the Player vs. Team stat, and it’ll list the player’s splits against each team. Like this:

Player by Team

Note: Click on the Total Stats axis to sort.

Curry has been particularly vicious against the New Orleans Pelicans, averaging 46.5!!! points over two games. But it’s also worth noting that he’s got at least a 20-point average against every team in the league.

Finally, let’s say your team is playing another team tonight — like the Bulls are playing the 76ers — and you want to see who’s done well against other teams before. Click the Team vs. Team tab. On “Own Team” pick the team whose stats you want to see. Then, pick the team they’re playing:

Team vs. Team (1)

Or if you want to see who to worry about, just switch it around:

Team vs. Team (2)

So, if nothing else, there’s a good chance that Jahlil Okafor and Nikola Mirotic are good plays in fantasy tonight, even if the game isn’t that competitive.

The stats in the chart are currently good through Dec. 12, but I’ll be updating it periodically to keep it current.

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