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Who Has the Best Floater in the NBA?

With the influx of talented guards in the modern NBA, the floater has seen a bit of a renaissance.

There aren’t many more satisfying moments than seeing a small guard dart through the lane and loft a shot over the outstretched arms of the giants lurking in the paint. Many guards have utilized the floater in their game, but who has truly perfected it?

By looking at NBA.com’s tracking of floating and running jump shots, we can see who has the best floater in the league.

5. Mike Conley

Stats: 48 percent shooting (58/120), Comprises 13.6 percent of total FGA

Mike Conley‘s floater is one of the most unique in the game. Although he shoots jump shots left-handed, he almost exclusively uses his right hand for floaters.

Conley doesn’t shoot the best percentage of the point guards on this list, but it’s amazing how often he goes to this weapon. Even the players with the best floaters in the league only shoot around 5-8 percent floaters, but Conley takes a floater almost one in every seven shot attempts.

Conley has improved a ton on his floater – the SB Nation blog Grizzly Bear Blues has done a great job of documenting his growth and how the floater has really changed Conley’s game for the better.

4. Stephen Curry

Stats: 49 percent shooting (33/68), Comprises 5.1 percent of total FGA

Stephen Curry is known as a versatile scorer, and his floater proves no different. Curry has an array of floaters, including a unique scoop-shot floater, bank floaters and a more traditional push-shot floater.

His field goal percentage on his floaters is good but not outstanding, which lands him at No. 4 on this list. Curry has so many different ways to score, and he doesn’t use floaters all that often like Conley or other guards that comprise the top five.

3. Derrick Rose

Stats: 59 percent shooting (37/63), Comprises 7.5 percent of total FGA

Derrick Rose is known for getting his floaters off at ridiculous angles. He uses his athleticism to hit some of the most absurd and difficult floaters out of anyone in the league.

Rose says he tries to mimic a bit of Steve Nash and get an extremely high arc on his floaters. He shoots them at a great percentage and goes to the shot often when he attacks the lane. It also often serves as his go-to move in end-of-game situations when he gets to the rim.

2. Chris Paul

Stats: 62 percent shooting (40/65), Comprises 5.6 percent of total FGA

Chris Paul‘s floater is more of a teardrop shot, and it’s a move he tells NBA TV he’s had pretty much his whole life. He adds, “I think it’s kind of deflating for a big man.” Paul’s floater is great because he uses it effectively as both an extremely accurate shot and an alley-oop pass.

Paul pairs his floater with one of the deadliest mid-range games in the league, a quick first step and uncanny court vision to make it an extremely powerful weapon.

1. Tony Parker

Stats: 65 percent shooting (36/55), Comprises 6.6 percent of total FGA

Tony Parker is the godfather of the modern day floater. At only 6′ 2″, he’s been using it for most of his career to get his shots over bigs.

Like may of the other guards on the list, Parker has his own unique technique that he uses on his floater, jumping off two feet and leaning forward while pushing his shot off with his right hand.

Although Parker has been using the move for years, he’s still able to get it off and convert at insane efficiency, shooting a ridiculous 65 percent on the shot.


Other Notable Point Guards: Kyrie Irving (44 percent on floaters), Rajon Rondo (35 percent on floaters)

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