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NBA Announces Changes to Replay Center

The expanded use of instant replay has been a good addition to the NBA, as it typically allows referees to correct certain mistakes they’ve made. However, it’s not a perfect system, and one of the problems has been the sheer amount of time some of these replay reviews have taken.

Well, the NBA is taking steps to correct that, announcing Wednesday that there will be current NBA refs staffed at the NBA Replay Center who will make final decisions on certain replay situations and facilitate on-the-court review of others.

The on-court officials actually working the game will still trigger all video reviews, but certain calls will be made by the staffers at the Replay Center and then communicated back to the refs on the court.

The calls to be made by the Replay Center (after discussion with the chief official) include:

  1. 2-Point/3-Point Field Goal (made shot or foul)
  2. Made Basket – End of Period
  3. Out-of-Bounds
  4. Shot Clock Violation (on Made Field Goal)
  5. Goaltending/Basket-Interference
  6. Clock Malfunction Situation (non-foul or non-violation involved)
  7. 24-Second Shot Clock Reset
  8. Number of Players on the Court

The calls to be made by the on-court officials (after discussion with the Replay Center) include:

  1. Flagrant Foul
  2. Clear-Path-to-the-Basket Foul
  3. Off-Ball Foul
  4. Player Altercation
  5. Foul – End of Period
  6. Shot Clock Violation (involving foul call)
  7. Correct Free Throw Shooter
  8. Clock Malfunction Situation (foul or violation involved)
  9. Restricted Area

This is a fantastic move by the NBA, and it should definitely cut down on the time some of these reviews take. This will also help eliminate some of those “free” timeouts teams get when refs are taking several minutes to make a decision.

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