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Goodbye to the Idea of Jimmer Fredette

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There isn’t a soul walking this planet who can evaluate talent perfectly. If there were, then NBA franchises have long missed out on opportunities to hire this person. Regardless, at certain times of some players’ basketball careers there are glimmers of hope shown which results in many thinking highly of them. So highly, even, that hysteria, hype and positive adjectives are swirling around the potential superstar as if they were the next coming.

Enter: Jimmer Fredette.

Don’t get it twisted. There was good reason to believe the Fredette hype when he was coming out of BYU. Averaging as many points as his average shot distance was (as in, a lot and far), people were expecting good — if not at least decent — things out of Jimmer.

Then the stories appeared. The kind of which requires one to separate relevance from “wanting it to matter” or other less altruistic, but mostly harmless, reasons.

Fredette was going to succeed where other smaller, nonathletic, void of creating their own space, college guards failed because, wait for it…he played pickup hoops with prisoners.

It was a nice story. It touched on Fredette the person, his relationship with his father and a way in which he attempted to get better at basketball. All fine things, really. Fine in a vacuum at least. Yet, some folks clung to this idea as proof that he was different — you know, different than other white players who came to the NBA and failed.

All of that was so yesterday, though. People saw what they wanted to see. Some of which were valid in ways showing how Fredette may end up being a player of consequence in the NBA. However, that time has surely passed. The idea of Jimmer Fredette as a functioning, mattering, believable player in the NBA is gone baby, gone.

Except, um, I guess not?:


That’s merely some of the more sane talk involving possible destinations for Fredette. This one being from #Knickstwitter, but it should be pointed out that they’re not alone in thinking Jimmer is worth picking up.

Why, though? Why would anyone think that Fredette is a viable player at this point? There’s zero need to take anything he did in college and do anything with it other than look at it through the lens of his being a good COLLEGE basketball player, which there have been many over the years — most of which don’t get this type of benefit of the doubt in the NBA.

The long supposed saving grace for Fredette’s career, even if he were to end up being inept athletically to compete as a regular rotation-type, was his shooting. Remember that? Clearly many do, although, it falls more along the mythology of Fredette than it does actual fact.

Fredette is shooting under 40 percent from three for his career. He shot a god-awful 19 percent last season (to be fair, he only shot 48 threes). He’s also only shot an iffy 41 percent from the floor for his career. Again, as seems to be the theme here, his career low — as was with his three-point percentage — from the floor was last season, with Fredette shooting 38 percent.

A few recurring themes there. Especially when you note that Fredette is 26 years-old:

1 – He maxed whatever potential ability ceiling he may have had.

2 – It’s more likely that he’s regressing as a player than it is that he’s even an NBA player at this point.

3 – Fredette will still get the benefit of the doubt from many because he was a legitimate college superstar (which is a rarer thing than we realize), and because he’s white.

There’s not a single thing in Fredette’s NBA career to make any fan on this planet request his services for his favorite team. Not a one. You can name it, I’ll wait, because this is curious to me — as you’re likely exposing yourself.

It’s not only that Fredette is playing below NBA standards, though. He’s apparently everything (white) people say they hate about today’s NBA superstar. According to an NBA assistant who was quoted in a Michael Lee piece on Yahoo!, “Jimmer thinks everybody is stupid. He thinks everybody needs to come and just turn over their offense and let him shoot it anytime he wants. That’s not how the league works.”

If true, that’s the type of stuff which has gotten J.R. Smith crushed on social media every other game of his career.

It’s okay. I promise. If you believed in Fredette coming out of college no one is judging you. It made sense to think he could’ve been something. Yet, much in the same way there are still magical Nik Stauskas truthers out there, folks still caping for Fredette are out there. They’re very, very real.

And they’re really, really exposing how simple-minded people can be. Merely because you want something or someone to be whatever it is that you want “bad enough” doesn’t mean you can wish it true. Let’s stop…some of yas are embarrassing yourself.

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