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Bucks Unveil New Logos

On Monday, the Milwaukee Bucks released three new logos for the franchise. And there was much rejoicing:

12 days ago, the Bucks teased fans by dropping hints that they were releasing new uniforms at halftime of that night’s game against the Bulls. The team sponsored promotional festivities, and in videos shown to fans, the franchise hinted that the new jerseys would incorporate the color orange. In a ruse that clearly sailed over my head, this was the team’s April Fool’s Day joke, because I guess the inclusion of orange is somehow so preposterous that only a team like the Knicks would do it.
Personally, I maintain a shrewd incorporation of hunters’ orange might allow the Bucks, a team with an abysmal 15.5 percent turnover rate, to see their teammates more clearly. But the Bucks decided to go in a different direction and instead dropped new logos that reflect a previously released new color scheme. The Bucks noted the significance of the new colors as follows via the team’s website:


·         The traditional color of the Milwaukee Bucks – a hallmark of our brand throughout the team’s 47-year history.

·         Emblematic of the state’s dense forests and rich agricultural industry.


·         Just as the “Cream City” brick is the foundation upon which Milwaukee was built, cream will be the foundational color of the team’s new brand identity.

·         Cream will be unique to the Bucks – we’ll be the only team in NBA to feature a cream hue as an official team color.


·         Blue underlines the importance of the Great Lakes and multiple rivers in the history and future of our city and state. In fact, some think the word Milwaukee was derived from the Algonquian term “Millioki,” which meant “gathering place by the waters.”

·         The addition of blue to our color palette pays homage to the history of professional basketball in Milwaukee, as blue was the primary color of the Milwaukee Hawks, the city’s first NBA team.

Ok, I’m with you, Milwaukee. Since 2006-07, the Bucks have wandered the forest of basketball fashion purgatory with a red, green and silver color scheme. This replaced the unfortunate Purple Era that was so pervasive league-wide. Yet the red road jerseys of the current era never seemed particularly Bucks-like despite the color being used as an accent throughout the franchise’s history. With only one season over .500 while donning the current jerseys, one has to wonder if their failure to solidify an on-court identity is a reflection of the uninspired wardrobe. (I mean, it was probably the mismanagement, but the clothes couldn’t have helped…)
While one of the new logos looks like it belongs on the cape of an off-brand superhero, the collective trio is pretty strong. The Bucks indicated that new uniforms will be released at some point before the NBA Draft. I predict the new uniforms will mark a welcome, albeit slight change for an up-and-coming franchise.  However, contrary to the belief that taste in clothing is subjective, there will remain only one correct answer to the question, “Best Bucks Uniform?”

Jack-SikmaThese late 80s jerseys were just a gem. Looking good there, Jack Sikma. (h/t to ProHoopsHistory.com)


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