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Jason is the Managing Editor of FanRag Sports' NBA coverage and also contributes words about the Chicago Bulls at SB Nation's Blog a Bull. He grew up a Chicago sports fan, and his first vivid sports memory was of John Paxson beating the Phoenix Suns in the 1993 NBA Finals. You can follow him on Twitter @Bulls_Jay

Kelly Scaletta is an assistant editor for Today's Fastbreak and Today's Pigskin. He has also written for Bleacher Report, BBallBreakdown, Vantage Sports, SportsNet, the Cauldron and others. You might not always agree with him, but he does.

Miles Wray lives in Seattle and has written for McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Vice, Hardwood Paroxysm, and elsewhere.

Can also be found writing about tennis at FanRag Sports (www.fanragsports.com/author/tjocz/) and TV at Hidden Remote (hiddenremote.com/author/tjocz/).

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Ben is a Michigan State student studying journalism from the suburbs of Chicago. He has written for Scout.com covering Michigan State's football team, The State News and WKAR as Michigan State's softball beat reporter. He specializes in the NBA and NBA draft.

Joe Nocco is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, born and raised in the New York area. Previously a contributor to SB Nation, Football.com and his own website titled Joe Nocco Sports, among others, Nocco has experience covering a variety of sports having specialized in content surrounding the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB. You can follow Nocco at @JoeNoccoFRS on Twitter.

Jared is an NBA writer for Bleacher Report and FanRag NBA. He is a recent graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, where he majored in journalism. At IWU, he was the Co-Editor-in-Chief for the school newspaper, The Sojourn. He loves most sports, but follows the NBA the closest. He enjoys the statistical side of basketball, and has even crafted his own metric which judges a player’s three-point shooting ability. Hit him up on Twitter @jaredtjohnson21.

Born in The Bronx, Rosen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Today's Fastbreak and FanRag Sports. He set scoring and rebounding records at Hunter College from 1959-1962 and was a member of team USA in the Maccabiah Games along with Larry Brown. He was an assistant under Phil Jackson with the Albany Patroons before serving as head coach of the Savannah Spirits, Rockford Lightning, Oklahoma City Cavalry and Albany Patroons. He's previously written for Penthouse, Men's Journal, NBA.com, Fox Sports, Sporting News and ESPN, among others.

Jackson Sanders writes about fantasy basketball for Today's Fastbreak, and has written for Hoops Habit and RotoWire. He is a proud survivor of the Smush Parker-era Los Angeles Lakers.

Bryan Toporek (@btoporek) is a Philadelphia native who's just talkin' about practice. You can also find him at Bleacher Report, BBALLBREAKDOWN, Vantage Sports, Hardwood Paroxysm and Hoop 76 of the TrueHoop Network.

Joseph is a writer based out of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Previous incarnations of his work can be found at FOX Sports, SLAMOnline as well as other reputable outlets.

Adam Lukach is a freelance writer. He works as an NBA contributor for FanRag Sports and for the Pacers blog 8 Points, 9 Seconds. He's on Twitter: @lucheezy.

Beginning a sports-writing foray in his fourth state, Sam is a Kansas City product living in Cleveland. He’s worked as a full-time reporter and editor at daily newspapers, covering everything from Kansas City Chiefs training camp to national championship games to high school girls’ water polo. This occupation gave him the opportunity to win several awards and enabled treks to majestic locales like Mankato, Minn., Bakersfield, Calif., and Florence, Ala. In addition to the NFL, which Sam writes about for FanRag Sports and ProFootballRumors.com, he’s a fan of boxing, track and field and Nicolas Cage movies. He also covers high school sports for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. And he’s just as shocked as you are that the Royals have a bandwagon. You can find him on Twitter @SRobinson25.

"Dan O'Brien is a Syracuse native, lifelong basketball aficionado and former college player at Franciscan University. He loves both the beauty and the ugliness of the sport, whether it's an offensive master class by the San Antonio Spurs or a knock-down, drag-out defensive battle courtesy of the Memphis Grizzlies. Dan is also an NBA Draft Featured Columnist at Bleacher Report, and you can find him on twitter: @DanielO_BR."

Nekias Duncan is an avid pun enthusiast that dabbles in NBA writing. He's the youngest Elgin Baylor fan you know. When he isn't writing about basketball here, he's likely playing crazy chords on his keyboard at church. You can follow him on Twitter (@NekiasNBA).

Matthew Schmidt is a life-long sports fan who was born and raised in New Jersey, which makes the fact that he is a Celtics and Marlins fan kind of peculiar. Don't worry; he likes the Giants in football, so his New Jersey roots have not been completely tarnished. You can also find his work at Bleacher Report and Baseline Banter.

My name is Dave Leonardis (no relation to the guy from "300"). I'm a witty cynic, gaming nerd, fantasy sports addict, pro wrestling apologist and newest addition to the Fastbreak team. I covered a variety of teams for Bleacher Report from 2012 to 2015. I was born and raised in New Jersey, but currently residing in Virginia. I love sports and writing, but I'm only good at one of them.

Michael Erler has covered the San Antonio Spurs for SBNation's Poundingtherock.com since 2013 and the San Francisco 49ers for the San Mateo Daily Journal, CBSSports.com and Bleacher Report from 2008-2011. He's a diehard fan of the San Francisco Giants (sorry not sorry) and a begrudging one of the Philadelphia Eagles. Please do not blame him for the Chip Kelly hire, he swears he had nothing to do with it. Michael lives in San Antonio, Texas and does so without air-conditioning because he's unwise with his finances.

News desk reporter and WWE columnist/podcast host at FanRag Sports since August 2016. Stony Brook grad.

Donnie Kolakowski is a writer for Today's Fastbreak. He also works as a freelancer broadcasting high school sports. He graduated in 2013 from Ball State University, and, as such, will defend Bonzi Wells in any argument.

Shawn Woods works as a high school math teacher in Wichita, Kansas. Shawn is an avid, and slightly biased, Oklahoma City Thunder fan, but loves to cover the rest of the NBA. In addition to Today's Fastbreak, you can find more of his work at Thunderousintentions.com. If you want to discuss basketball, gambling or the latest kicks, give him a follow @shawn_woods15

Ryan is a husband, father, graduate of Penn State University, and a full-time sports writer. He has seen his work published or linked by the Chicago Tribune, Sports on Earth, MLB.com, Baseball Prospectus, and several others. Ryan currently writes for FanRagSports, 2080 Baseball, and The Cheat Sheet. You can follow him on twitter at @RyanQDavis.

Taylor Smith is a native Texan (required by fellow Texans to report this at all times) and Southern California-based basketball writer covering the Lakers for FanRag Sports. You can also find him writing Clippers things for ClipsNation.com, fun things at FriendlyBounce.com and some football things at BreakingFootball.com. He's also on Twitter @TaylorBojangles.

Jared has worked in ESPN's Production Research and Stats and Analysis Departments, and has contributed to websites such as IamaGM, SBNation, FanSided, and Bro Jackson. He's a Knicks fan, so he's been forced to watch the NBA objectively for the last 15 (going on infinity) years. Follow him on Twitter at @JMintzHoops

Alec Sills-Trausch is a graduate of the University of Arizona where he studied Political Science, Economics, and Sports Management. As an avid fan sports fan with experience playing sports in high school and college, he hopes to be able to offer a unique perspective on sporting events happening throughout the country. In addition to FanRagSports, he currently writes about Arizona Athletics for AzDesertSwarm of SBNation and formerly was an editor at ZonaZealots of FanSided. Outside of sports, Alec is a National Parks admirer, enjoys a good conversation, eats almost all food, and has an unhealthy love of TV shows.

Sean Kennedy is a Philadelphia native who has been an avid fan of the local sports scene since the days of PRISM. Sean is the founder and lead writer for PhillyFastBreak.com, covering primarily the Sixers and City 6 college basketball. You can follow him on Twitter @PhillyFastBreak

Dave Hogg has been covering sports in Detroit for the Associated Press and FOX Sports Detroit. That's meant a lot of good times - the Bad Boys, the Red Wings winning in 1997 and 1998, the Tigers winning the pennant in 2006 and 2012 - and a lot of ugly ones. He covered the 0-16 Lions, the 43-119 Tigers, Rich Rod and the last few years of the Pistons without losing his sanity. He plans to keep working until his beloved Oakland University wins the Big Dance.

Ty Butler is a sports journalist and play-by-play announcer who received his bachelor's degree from SUNY Oneonta, where he was the voice of Red Dragons men's and women's basketball, and his masters from Syracuse University. He's currently a content provider at ESPN Radio in Syracuse and hosts multiple podcasts.

Jesus Gomez lives in Argentina. In a land where soccer rules, he chose basketball as his passion. Before joining FanRag Sports he had been covering the San Antonio Spurs for three years working at poundingtherock.com and has been a contributor at SBNation.com/NBA this season. His goal is to analyze all aspects of the game: The stats, the video footage and, of course, the human element. You can find him @jejegomez_ptr obsessing about pick and roll coverage.

Eric is in his sixth season as a Chicago Sky season ticket holder. His passions include the WNBA, Calvin & Hobbes, and instrumental music with lots of ambient guitar washes. He can be contacted via Twitter at @nemchocke.

Kieffer Katz is a writer living in New York.

Michael Wonsover is an avid Chicago sports and NBA fan. He graduated in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he covered the Illini wrestling, football, and basketball teams for the Daily Illini. Michael has also written for the Arena Football League and currently contributes to ChiCitySports as well. Michael is also a huge movie buff and pro wrestling fan. Don't tell him wrestling's fake. You can follow him on Twitter @The_MDubb.

Tom Kenyon is a former just-above-average athlete who realized he was better at talking about sports than playing them. As a Boston area resident, he feels that second place is simply the best loser, that rings are the only jewelry that matters, and that Bill Russell doesn't get talked about enough. He believes in the subtle glories of tanking, asset management, and trade exceptions in a sport where you need the cream of the crop to really compete. Follow him on Twitter @THE_tomkenyon to hear him make bad jokes, comment on sports, and be generally behind the curve on all things pop-culture.

Jake Weiner is a loyal Chicago sports fan and a graduate of Vanderbilt University. He spends most of his free time breaking down and enjoying the NBA, but the MLB and NFL are big passions as well. In addition to writing for FanRag Sports, Jake also writes at BBALLBREAKDOWN and co-founded and manages DRosesAndThorns.com. You can follow him on Twitter @JakeWeinerNBA.

Carlos Diaz's favorite pastimes include reading, quoting ill-fated sitcoms, and participating in assorted revelry. In between these important activities, he occasionally finds time to write. He can be found at Rip City Project as well. Follow @cdvital03 on Twitter or email carlosdiazpdx@gmail.com to contact.

A graduate of Oklahoma State and Arkansas, Stephen Hunt is an accomplished freelance writer who now calls Frisco, Texas home. He covers the Dallas Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars, FC Dallas, the Texas Rangers as well as various high school and college sports. When not writing, he works as a stat guy on the TV broadcasts for the Mavericks, Rangers and local college teams.

Eric Chesterton writes about the Philadelphia Phillies for Today's Knuckleball. He also writes for SB Nation's The Good Phight. He lives in Ardmore, Pennsylvania and can be found on Twitter @CF_Larue.

"My love and knowledge of basketball was born of my surroundings. I've been around college and professional basketball my whole life. I also played at a junior college in Wyoming, followed by Southern Virginia University. As for my formal education, that came in the history departments at the University of Wyoming and Southern Virginia University. I'm currently a first-year law student, pursuing a JD from Wyoming's College of Law.

Troy Tauscher covers the NBA for Today’s Fastbreak and BBallBreakdown, as well as doing on-camera, radio and written work for student clubs at Arizona State University. Born and raised in Arizona, Troy is a lifelong Suns follower, and accepts the disappointment associated with his chosen fandom. He also enjoys long walks on the beach so long as sports is the topic of conversation.

"Phillip Taggart’s life revolves around an orange, bouncing ball. His second favorite activity behind playing basketball is practicing basketball. In fact, only two of his top ten favorite activities do not include basketball. Any time there is a tough decision to make, his go-to method is to go shoot a free throw. After all, Ball Don’t Lie."

Colby is a former college basketball player and now and aspiring NBA journalist. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Communication from Stevenson University (MD) and is a credentialed media member who regularly attends Washington Wizards games.

Grant is a National NBA Featured Columnist at Bleacher Report, an attorney and an ardent supporter of Manu Ginobili's presidential candidacy—should he ever choose to run.

A lifelong resident of Racine, WI, Jerry Tapp graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in 1979 with a B.A. degree in Communication. He remembers his first attempt at writing as a youngster being a short story about a talking baseball. Ironically, that talking baseball story would set the stage for a lifelong love for talking about and writing about... and playing... baseball (and other sports). In addition to a love of watching and playing sports, a love of sports numbers and statistics also developed. Taught how to score a baseball game by his dad at an early age so he could be the scorekeeper for his dad’s bar-sponsored softball team, Jerry found his love for sports stats was as passionate as his love for playing all sports. While in junior high he kept stats for his school’s ninth grade football team and also kept stats for his dad’s recreation basketball team. Yes, a rec league basketball team with a statistician!

Cray is a writer and podcast producer for outlets covering sports, faith, and music. He spends the rest of his time feeling undeserving of his beautiful wife and daughters, being loved and fed at his church, and vicariously balling via an over-consumption of hoops and hip hop.

Alex joined FanRag Sports in October 2014 as a college football columnist and breaking news writer. A graduate from Eastern Illinois, he enjoys long walks to the fridge and alternate jerseys. He doesn't trust anyone that likes yellow Starburst and swears that he will be reincarnated as an NHL third-line winger.

"Kyle Rich lives in downtown Chicago, working in advertising by day and watching too many games by night. His interest in basketball started at a young age when his Mom bought him a lot of random NBA jerseys and since outgrowing them, he is slowly rebuilding his prestigious collection. Find his additional work at www.hcourtadvantage.com"

Tom West is an NBA writer based in England with a degree in English Language. He currently writes about the league for FanRag Sports and 16 Wins a Ring, and has previously written for FanSided, The Cauldron and served as the editor of Clipperholics for two years, covering the Los Angeles Clippers. When he isn't writing, he'll be on League Pass, watching Nikola Jokic highlights or trying to think of clever tweets.

Writer for FanRag Sports and Bleacher Report. “When in doubt, shoot the ball.”

Jack Magruder is a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America and is a Hall of Fame voter. He has covered the Arizona Diamondbacks since their inaugural 1998 season. He has covered sports in Arizona since the 1980s at the Arizona Daily Star, the East Valley Tribune and FOX Sports Arizona. He won an AP award for his work at the 1984 Summer Olympics and was honored by the Arizona Press Club for his Diamondbacks' coverage.

Danish hillbilly, and proud father, who's been around the web a few times. Owned and operated the largest basketball-site in Denmark, was on-air NBA color analyst for a brief time, words and podcasts at Naismith.dk, and BBallBreakdown. Academy Profession Degree in Multimedia Design and Communication from the Copenhagen School of Design & Technology, currently studying Media Production & Management at the Danish School of Media & Journalism.

Kaci is a junior at Arizona State University majoring in Sports Journalism. She co-hosts Double X, a talk show about women's sports, on the college radio station, The Blaze. After college, she aims to work as an on field sports broadcaster. Native to Phoenix, she enjoys hiking in northern Arizona, attending concerts, and exploring downtown Phoenix.

Kendrick Johnson joins Fanrag Sports, Today's Knockout and Today's FastBreak he previously worked as an independent print journalist and sports television reporter who has written for a daily newspaper and covered the NBA Finals, NFL, NCAA Football, MLB, NHL, Championship Boxing and UFC Fights. He's done numerous one on one interviews with some of the biggest names and personalities in sports like Kobe Bryant, Floyd Mayweather and Ronda Rousey. He can be reached at Kendrick@fanragsports.com or on Twitter @kendrickjohnso

Queens, born and raised, Rob got his start in sports media with WHCS, Hunter College's #1 Radio Station. As a Macaulay Honors College and Hunter alum, and a WHCS Hall of Famer, Rob got his start as a staff writer for ProFootballRumors.com, and is a practicing sports agnostic. He writes about the NFL Draft year round, and is the host of the NFL Draft Podcast. Say mean things to him on Twitter @robdire or email him at DraftPodcast@gmail.com

Ethan Norof is a catcher, an umpire and a lifelong member of Club Diamond. David Wright's got five on it, and Norof has five on Wright to come through in the clutch.

Tommy Stokke is the Director of Content and a columnist for FanRag Sports. He covered high school sports and professional baseball for Sun-Times Media before becoming a Chicago Cubs Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report prior to joining FanRag Sports. Follow him on Twitter @StokkeTommy.

Dave Holcomb has covered numerous sports at the high school, college and professional levels since 2011. In 2014, he received his first full-time opportunity at The Sports Network to cover fantasy sports for the MLB, NBA, NFL & NHL. Holcomb was a finalist for the FSWA Hockey Writer of the Year & Basketball Writer of the Year awards in 2014. In August of 2015, he joined the team at FanRag sports. He hopes to continue to share his passion and love for sports, real and fantasy, with all readers. Holcomb presently acts as a Fantasy Football columnist & AFC East beat writer at Today's Pigskin, a New York Islanders/Pittsburgh Penguins beat writer & Fantasy Hockey columnist at Today's Slapshot, a Syracuse Orange beat writer at Today's U and Fantasy Baseball columnist at Today's Knuckleball.

Staff writer

Steve has been writing about sports on a variety of different avenues both print and online for over fifteen years, be it on the grassroots or professional level. Steve's style is opinionated and combines both a personal touch and a sense of humor. I am a big sports fan, a lot of my life incorporates sports and fitness, whether it is playing, coaching, training, watching, reading or even video gaming. I have been a tried and true LA Lakers fan since the early 80’s and continue through the struggles today….However as great as my passion is for the Purple and Gold, my dislike is equally as strong for the Duke Blue Devils. Being from Vancouver, the Grizzlies and Sonics were my 2 and 2b teams, but sadly both have left (possibly never to return). I have followed the Timberwolves since the days of Starbury, KG and Googs (you could even go earlier with Pooh Richardson and Tony Campbell, but that wasn’t much fun) and now with the Canadian duo of Wiggins and Bennett, along with Zach LaVine (Seattle native), Ricky Rubio and KAT, the team looks like it could be building something good.

Will is a two-time international academic scholar who graduated Magna Cum Laude with an associate degree in criminal justice before earning a scholarship to California Lutheran University where he was inducted into the Lambda Pi Eta Upsilon Upsilon chapter of The National Communication Association's Academic Honor Society. Will possesses a background in play-by-play and color commentary of live games and has been an On Air Personality for two years as the host of the All Weather Fan Podcast, making regular appearances on NBC Sports Radio, ESPN Radio, Sirius XM and others. He's been a Managing Editor for the Indianapolis Colts with About.com and a journalist at several publications for five years.

Arik Wonsover is from Northbrook, IL and he graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. He contributes to ChiCitySports.com, where he's covered the Illinois basketball and football teams, as well as the NBA. Arik is a huge Chicago Sports fan and loves the Chicago Bulls. You won’t find a much more dedicated Bulls fan (he endured the Drew Gooden years). Arik is also a Quentin Tarantino fanatic, a Breaking Bad enthusiast , and a pro wrestling aficionado. Check out his wrestling work in the Tag Rope Magazine.

Growing up outside of Chicago, Dale was indoctrinated with the Chicago sports lore at an early age. His love for the Bears, Bulls and Cubs has inspired his passion for all things sports, especially the NBA. When taking a break from watching the Super Bowl Shuffle on repeat, Dale loves spending his free time writing, going on unsolicited diatribes about the state of the NBA and hanging out with his family. You can follow his musings on Twitter: @DTRedman

Haddon Anderson is a former college player, current high school coach, and lifelong NBA fan. He grew up near Chicago in the 1990's. This should provide enough information about where his NBA allegiance lies. He has previously written for Bleacher Report as a Chicago Bulls Featured Columnist.

Anthony Beers is a passionate sports fan enthusiast that enjoys challenging the media norm. He believes stories are not often as binary as they appear, and enjoys questioning and speculating pre-conceived notions in order to illustrate a fresh perspective. When Anthony is not doing anything sports-related he enjoys hanging out and goofing off with his family and friends.

When not tending bar at the loneliest watering hole on Waiters Island, David Ramil occasionally writes about basketball and the NBA. His work has been published at The Cauldron, Hardwood Paroxysm, SB Nation, FanSided and others. You can follow him for rare insight at @dramil13 or if you're simply really bored.

Alex Park is currently an undergraduate student at SUNY Oneonta, studying Psychology & Communication Studies. He's an enthusiastic Knicks fan, but a fan of basketball in general. You can follow him on Twitter @__AlexPark

Wes Goldberg (Twitter: @wcoldberg) is a writer, reporter, editor and podcast host. His work has appeared at The Mercury News, The Classical, The Step Back, FanRag Sports, Bleacher Report and others.

Keith P. Smith is a born and bred Bostonian who relocated to Orlando over a decade ago. In addition to covering the Magic for Today's Fastbreak, he writes on the salary cap and CBA for RealGM. You can follow him on Twitter @KeithSmithNBA

Jeff Berest is a stereotypical Philadelphia fan who often dreams of throwing batteries at J.D. Drew. He lives and dies with his city’s sports franchises, and is a stern disciple of the Book of Hinkie which makes his lord and savior Joel Embiid. When he’s not writing about basketball he enjoys golfing and gambling, and gambling on the golf course. His spirit animals are the Arizona Wildcat and the Temple Owl. In addition to writing about the NBA for Today’s Fastbreak, he also is a contributor at DRosesAndThorns.com. You can follow his NBA musings and general nonsense on twitter @jeff_berest

Shane is a credentialed NBA writer in the Indianapolis area. He has covered the Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Lakers, and San Antonio Spurs for HoopsHabit & BBallBreakdown. After being introduced to the NBA stratosphere at age 11, he's been engrossed in the game at an unhealthy level. Shane enjoys deep breakdowns, up-tempo basketball, and the entire 82-game schedule. You can follow him on Twitter @YoungNBA, or contact him via email at: shaneyoungnba@gmail.com

Court is a vehement sports fan, with an intrinsic passion for writing. "I have always been a journalist at heart. Being a source of information is a fascinating and addictive experience, and one that I have always been drawn to. I am much more than a sports writer. I use my words as a vehicle for social commentary, moral interpolation and expressively emphatic opinions." He has previously written for Bleacher Report as a Denver Nuggets Featured Columnist and for RantSports as an NBA and MLB Columnist.

A Chicago native, Stephen Noh has been obsessed with basketball since the Jordan teams of the 90's. He lives in Las Vegas now playing poker during the day and arguing furiously with strangers about the NBA by night. Follow him @hungarianjordan.

Jack is a huge sports fan who turned professional sports writer many moons ago. I love all four major sports, and yes the NHL is one of the four. I’m currently cruising into the world of hockey analytics but I’m also a big time Toronto Raptors and NFL fan. Of course like many of my readers I enjoy taking part in the fantasy variety of said sports as well… and if you try to tell me I’m not an expert because I mess up a fact…the robots at FanRag will eat you for breakfast!

Jason is a production assistant and on-air personality with Fox Sports Florida. He has contributed to several websites in the past and has covered football for several years at each level.

Since 2005 Mike Gill has been the host of the No. 1 rated sports talk show; "The Sports Bash with Mike Gill"heard week days from 2-6pm on 97.3 ESPN radio in South Jersey and has also worked at 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia. With a strong focus on the 76ers, Mike has also covered the NBA playoffs, Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup Finals and other major sporting events. The 2001 West Virginia University graduate looks forward to bringing you NBA news and opinions

D.J. Foster is a longtime NBA writer and youth basketball coach. In addition to being a contributing writer to FanRag Sports' NBA site Today's Fastbreak, he also covers fantasy sports for FOX Sports. You can follow him on Twitter @FoxSportsFoster (https://twitter.com/FOXSportsFoster)

Hunter Sharpless is a writer and essayist from the state of Texas. He attended the University of Iowa as an undergraduate and now attends the University of Minnesota, where he studies nonfiction writing. Author of the forthcoming book Song of the Fool: On the Road With Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, Hunter's other projects include planning a wedding with his fiance and raising his dog Catherine. His precarious social media presences can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Chad Waters is a blogger and writer from Oklahoma City. He is a senior at Oklahoma State University majoring in sports journalism. He enjoys breaking down and watching the NBA. You can follow him one twitter @rcwaters333

Ari Temkin is currently the cohost of The Hardline with Antonio Daniels and Ari Temkin, weekdays 2-4 on 1250/945 ESPN San Antonio. Ari has covered the NBA full time for the last four seasons, including the last two NBA Finals. Aside from hosting The Hardline, Ari is ESPN San Antonio’s Program Director, and also contributes as a sports writer for SA Scene Magazine. Prior to working with ESPN San Antonio, Ari hosted 1-4 weekdays on 104.9 The Horn in Austin, Texas. Ari is a graduate of the University of Kansas and grew up in Chicago, Illinois.

Colin Davenport (@ColinD89) is a Seattle native with a life long passion for basketball. He has played the sport for 19 years including at the high school varsity and international college levels. His love of the game came from the Seattle Supersonics and he has been attending Seattle Storm games since 2002. He became a Storm and Washington Husky Women’s season ticket holder in 2014. Since 2014 he has also been covering women’s basketball for multiple websites and now hosts a weekly podcast as well as contributes articles to Today’s Fastbreak. Along with playing and reporting on the sport, Colin is also a coach working both with local AAU programs and providing personal training to up and coming athletes.

Cody is a recent University of Kentucky graduate, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. He's an experienced sports writer with stops at ESPN Radio 1300, the Lexington Herald-Leader, ESPN TrueHoop Network, BBallBreakdown, SBNation and FanSided, among others. You can follow Cody on Twitter @CodyDanielHoops.

Andrew Ford is a Tennessee native who has been a Grizzlies fan since the team moved to Memphis. Before writing words on the Internet, he worked in college basketball at the University of Tennessee. His other work can be found at Grizzly Bear Blues, Upside & Motor, HoopChalk, inRecruit, Timberpups, and Vantage Sports.

Adam is a Sports crazed Australian from Melbourne. He also writes for SB Nation, BBallBreakdown, Di Marzio, United Rant, Republik of Mancunia, The Devil In Me & hosts the Loaded Questions Podcast. If it's sport, he's always happy talk about it. Hit him up at @AdamJosephSport

Taylor is a husband, father, and, unfortunately for him, a life-long Minnesota sports fan. An attorney by trade, Taylor enjoys following the NBA and covering it as a contributor for FanRag Sports. You can follow him on twitter at @tshallstrom.

"Chris Terzic is a basketball lover, above all else. Along with writing for Today's Fastbreak, you can find his work at Blog a Bull. You can follow him at Twitter @cterzz."

Jacob is a native Chicagoan and graduate of the Univeristy of Illinois. Growing up during the Jordan years, Jacob has long had a passion for the Chicago Bulls as well as the entire NBA. Jacob can be found most nights on his couch watching League Pass with a bag of gummy worms. Jacob co-founded and writes occasionally for the Bulls blog DRosesandThorns.com. His abbreviated thoughts can be found at @OldManBikshorn.

Rick is a veteran of more than 25 years in sports writing, having covered everything from Arena Football, the Tampa Bay Lightning, high school sports, the NBA and college football. He has covered two Super Bowls, NBA Finals, NBA All Star Game, Stanley Cup Final, NHL All Star Game, a men’s and women’s Final Four, numerous NCAA tournament games and BCS Championships and spent seven years covering the Tampa Bay Bucs while working with The Lakeland (FL) Ledger. A native of Washington, D.C. and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Rick graduated from Florida A&M University.

Dan Stack has been writing and reporting about sports since 2003, but has been dabbling in journalism ever since his days when writing for his college newspaper, The Pioneer (LIU C.W. Post) back in 1995. He comes to FanRagSports after having previously worked at BleacherReport.com (where he wrote about fantasy football and college basketball, while amassing over one million page views), Fanball.com (he ran a blog for the Pittsburgh Steelers-SteelersMill.com), FantasyPros911.com (wrote about fantasy football and baseball), SNYGiants.com (New York Giants coverage), NYGiantsRush.com, Mets360.com (Mets baseball coverage), CollegeHoopsNet.com, RotoWire.com (fantasy baseball beat writer) and Sportsmedia101.com (where he wrote and blogged at Knicks101.com). He is also a senior writer for WeAreDePaul.com, and has written and reported on the DePaul men's basketball program since 2003. He has covered many Big East games on the east coast and has been a regular at the Big East Tournament for more than a decade. Prior to his online sports writing career, Stack was also the Managing Editor of his county's weekly newspaper, the Rockland County Times, from 2007 to 2009. He has a BA degree from C.W. Post with a major in broadcasting and a minor in journalism. At Post, he not only wrote for the school newspaper, but also was a DJ at the school's radio station (WCWP) and was a crew member for Post TV (the University's TV Station). If want to hear rumblings on college basketball, fantasy sports, New York fandom an other random pop culture musings, be sure to follow him on Twitter @Stacdemon

I'm a die hard sports fan who currently lives near St. Louis. I grew up in Illinois and am a die hard Bulls fan. I graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a degree in Mass Communications. I'm a follow of all things basketball, specifically the NBA. I'm always up to talk basketball with anyone, I can be reached on Twitter at mrwagner25

Matt got his start in radio in 2011 when he became a weekend jock for his college station, 93.9fm WQKE “the Quake” at SUNY Plattsburgh in Plattsburgh, NY. After a few months in that position he transitioned to sports broadcasting doing color commentary and play-by-play for SUNY Plattsburgh’s baseball team under then-Sports Director Greg Larnerd. In late spring of 2012, Matt was elected the General Manager of the college station. During his tenure as General Manager, Matt brought in multiple NCAA tournament broadcasts to the station including the right to broadcast the Division III Men’s Ice Hockey Frozen Four in Lake Placid, NY. He also started “The Morning Show”, SUNY Plattsburgh’s only mock-professional type show on the station. In addition to that, he and his co-host, Mike Warren, ran a daily sports show on WQKE, the only one of its kind during Matt’s time with the station. Since graduating in 2013, Matt has continued to work in the radio world. Now he works in sales and operations for some of the biggest national shows in the country.

Larry Fleisher has covered the NBA in New York for wire services since 2004. He also works as a broadcast statistician for visiting broadcasts at Madison Square Garden. He also has covered the Yankees since 2005 for various outlets and has served as a copy editor at various points in his career. He grew up in New York when the Knicks once made the playoffs in 14 straight seasons.

Peter Owen has been a sports fan since his memories began. He is a fan of the Chicago Bulls and a lover of any team who plays entertaining basketball. His other passions for Football (yes, both kinds) and Motor Racing mean this sports junkie is never short of opinions. He currently studies Sports Journalism at the University of the West of Scotland.

Scott Stewart is a senior at Indiana University studying Sport Communications. He is an avid NBA fan and has followed the Indiana Pacers his whole life. The return of Paul George has restored his faith in humanity. Find him on Twitter above.

Kris Willis is a life long Atlanta sports fan through all of the ups and downs. In addition to writing about the NBA and the WNBA for FanRag, he also covers the Atlanta Hawks for Peachtree Hoops and the Atlanta Braves for Talking Chop. You can follow him on Twitter @Kris_Willis

Jaime Eisner is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Jaime is a director of content and growth for FanRag Sports. Prior to his current position, Jaime began as a writer for FanRag Sports’ Today’s Slapshot before becoming the Today’s Pigskin site manager. Jaime has also written for MLB.com, Arizona Sports, KTAR, SB Nation and Arcadia News.

Cameron Stewart is an NBA writer from Indianapolis, Indiana. Previously he has written for HoopsHabit and his own blog FreeAgentZero. He is a senior at Indiana University - Purdue University in Indianapolis (IUPUI). You can find him on Twitter: @thatmancam or contact him via email at camstewa@umail.iu.edu.

Garrett is currently a junior at Iowa State studying Journalism with a focus on Sports Journalism. He joined FanRag Sports during the winter of 2016 and currently writes about Big 12 football for Today's U sports.

Oliver Maroney has been a writer in the NBA space for more than 5 years. Oliver has spent time with some of the NBA's best, getting the inside track on news and information. With work published in the Oregonian, Portland Metro Live, Football.com, and other sources, Oliver has created quality, original, and unique articles in all facets around the National Basketball Association. Oliver is also a writer with Daily Fantasy Cafe as their Insider, his work can be seen on www.dailyfantasycafe.com as well.

Dan has covered NBA basketball since 2003, including as a radio analyst for the Utah Jazz’s Spanish-language broadcasts from 2010 to 2014. Dan is now based in Brooklyn, NY, where he covers the Nets for Today’s Fastbreak, serves as associate editor for Salt City Hoops, and eats more Dough donuts than he really should.

Matt Carpenter is a writer and blogger from Chicago. A passionate basketball fan, he can be found standing behind the 3-point line with his hand raised if you're ever on the court with him.

After attending the University of Connecticut, Alex Rose has bounced around the sports industry like an NBA journeyman, serving stints with the WNBA and NBA D-League. He is a staunch supporter of pressing 94 feet, big men going coast to coast, and the gallop dribble. Follow him @AxlRoseForReal.

Josh Eberley is a journalism and communications graduate from Calgary, Alberta. Being a basketball junky in Canada isn't easy, but when sneakers fit better than skates what can you do?​ Social media junky, Cowboys fan since 97, to the finer things and the hard work it takes to get there!

Eli is a Varsity Basketball Coach, Columbia Journalism Student, and Freelance Sports Writer. His work can be found at SB Nation's Pounding the Rock, Bballbreakdown, Hardwood Paroxysm, and Today's Fastbreak. Follow Eli @CoachHorowitz13.

Wendy Parker writes about women's basketball for Blue Star Media and Basketball Times and formerly covered women's and college sports, soccer and the Olympics at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She is the author of "Beyond Title IX: The Cultural Laments of Women's Sports," and is the creator of Sports Biblio, a blog about sports books and history.

Stefan Modrich is a Chicago native and a sophomore studying journalism at Arizona State University. He also covers ASU baseball for his school's publication, The State Press and is an intern at the Arizona Republic covering high schools.

Austin Facer is a second-generation sportswriter from Salt Lake City, Utah. A recent graduate of the University of Utah, he is entering his third season as a broadcasting assistant for the Utah Jazz. As part of his duties with the Jazz, he hosts a brief audio game recap called Jazz Game Rewind which is posted on 1280TheZone.com. He enjoys studying the sports media industry and hopes to make a splash as he begins his career.

Jake Rill is a sports writer based in Phoenix. He has covered the Arizona Diamondbacks for MLB.com, as well as professional sports in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. region for the Baltimore Sun Media Group and Associated Press. He has covered professional, college, and prep sports. Follow him on Twitter @JakeDRill.

Shane Mettlen is a veteran sports writer whose work has appeared in Washingtonian magazine, the Philadelphia Inquirer, PennLive.com, The ACC Sports Journal, ESPN.com and dozens of other regional and national publications and websites. He’s been honored by the Virginia Press Association and Society of Professional Journalists and lives in Central Virginia.

Isaac enjoys writing about and watching basketball. He once hit a three pointer in an intramural game. It remains the greatest moment of his life. Follow him on Twitter @IsaacKoppel

Josh has been writing for Fanrag Sports Network since March 2016, where he covers primarily the SEC and NBA. He has previously covered collegiate athletics for Scout Media Network, The DePaulia and Death Valley Voice, and has covered the NBA in the past for 105.7 The Fan in Milwaukee. His work has been featured on SI.com, AOL Sports and Bleacher Report. Josh is also a tortured Houston sports fan with degrees from LSU and DePaul currently residing in the Greater San Diego Area. Follow on Twitter @joshccriswell.

Bill Williamson is entering his 26th year as a sports journalist. He spent the past eight years at ESPN.com, covering the AFC West, the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders. He is a former NFL beat writer covering the Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos. He resides in Northern California.

Jay Boozell has written for NBA.com, ESPN Indianapolis, Bleacher Report and FOXSports.com. When he's not watching Markelle Fultz YouTube videos, Jay is an avid throwback-NBA jersey collector. His most prized possession is a Los Angeles Lakers Dennis Rodman jersey; Rodman played a total of 23 games for the Lakers.

Bernie Pleskoff served as a professional scout for the Houston Astros and the Seattle Mariners. After retiring from scouting, Bernie began writing scouting reports of prospect players for RotoWire.com. He also began a podcast titled Short Hops, which continues today and is featured on iTunes every week. He is a contributing writer to the RotoWire annual Baseball Preview Magazine. Bernie joined the staff of MLB.com and served as a scout/analyst for the site's Pipeline prospect team, contributing multiple scouting reports weekly and providing his personal ranking of prospect players. He writes a continuing blog for MLBlogs.com titled BERNIE'S BASEBALL WORLD in which he analyzes teams and players from a scout's perspective. Bernie is a weekly contributor on the Sirius/XM Fantasy Sports network's RotoWire.com fantasy show each Thursday morning. He has been married to his wife MaLinda for 49 years. They have no children and live in Cave Creek, Arizona.

Sara Peters is a Jersey girl, transplanted to Queens. She has an extensive collection of pink wigs, is rarely out of three-inch high heels, was once called "badass" by Mobb Deep, beat a group of bikers in a push-up contest, and is very much in love with her husband and Allen Iverson. She's an NBA writer and featured columnist for Bleacher Report, covering the New York Knicks. Follow her on Twitter @3FromThe7.

Nathan Giese has been an online presence for the past five years focusing on college basketball. Previously of Hoops Habit, he joined Todays U in April 2016 and is the assistant sports editor for The Public Opinion in Watertown, S.D.

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